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A year and a half ago, I assisted my friend Brandon Marshall in kick starting his foundation Project border Line. At the event, Brandon made a comment about my shoes,

A-Rod you look great, but the shoes have to go.
Brandon Marshall

The-Imfamous-Shoes Looking back now, he was 100% right; those shoes did not work for me. That night, he introduced me to a gentleman by the name of Angel Ramos. It was inspiring to see how well Mr.Ramos dressed and carried himself. On the way home, after a very successful event, I couldn’t stop thinking about the shoe comment and by the first impression Mr Ramos had made. I started thinking about the importance of dressing well and the impact it creates. I discussed the break-through I had with my wife and shared my commitment to start dressing as the person I wanted to become.

Three months later, after completely changing my wardrobe and getting new shoes, I begin to notice a shift in my life. I had more clients, people treated me differently and I felt respected. I could talk to anyone about my business. The question from people was no longer “where do you work?” Instead they would ask, “What do you do for a living?” This led me to want to share this same experience with all men. As a result, Caballero Wear was created.

Caballero Wear is a Lifestyle brand that I am extremely passionate about, simply because of the impact it has made in my life. My goal is to share the same impact with all men of today.


Alejandro Rodriguez Creative Director Caballero Wear

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