The story behind the Prince Albert Style Slipper?

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Refined. Sophisticated. Tasteful.

Born of royalty & built for functionality, this Victorian Era slipper graced the feet of the noble class as an ornamental ode to Prince Albert himself. An English Gentleman, who dressed in the finest garments of the time, could not be troubled by the dirt slab cobblestones laid out as rudimentary roads of the time. An uncouth gentleman was unheard of, so to avoid damage to the pedigerous region when in-house – a slipper would be worn. Not any ordinary slipper. A dignified slipper made with the intention of exuberating wealth and opulence. A leather soled slip-on delicate enough for comfort, but strong enough to endure the test of time.

Who is the Gentleman that we signify as the bearer of fine footwear? Prince Albert. The most prolific of nobleman, know for marrying Queen Victoria in 1840.

Prince Albert Slippers

Royalty does not settle for anything less than the best in terms of class. So no style accoutrement was spared when creating the slipper. A top of velvet & a lining of silk – the most luxurious items of the time, which have proven to be no less important today when speaking of luxury or style. Initially reserved for the formal outfit and stately occasion – more than a century has passed.

Celebrities of today and fashion icons the world over have been spotted throughout the years wearing this endurable sophisticatedly styled slipper. They have been praised for their fashion forward approach – setting trends – inspiring a new definition of cool… Caballero prides its practice on respect, class, and most importantly sophistication.

The ‘Royalty of America’ quickly took liking to the style of the English royals, with The Kennedy Family often showing support in photograph for the sophisticated slipper.

Kennedy Prince Albert Slippers

The most commonly asked question we receive alongside this specific styled slipper is what you should wear them with.

While setting out to create something so beautiful, bespoke, handmade and stylish: Caballero wanted to introduce this style slipper into our communities at a reasonable price with the understanding that from day to night this slipper can be worn with respect and beauty. From a pair of English style shorts and a V-neck to fitted trousers and coat, Our Caballero bespoke slippers provide versatility and comfort through your daily regimen.

Business causal Prince Albert Slippers

This regal shoe has serious every day appeal, turning a comfortable outfit into Smart-Casual!

Article by Mike Dukes

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